“God blessed me with this incredible gift of helping others heal. We are NOT Healers – we help others heal themselves. I’ve also helped many patients with Anxiety & Fear during Covid. (They die of fear, not the Dis-Ease itself.) I use different Modalities for each client – depending on their unique needs. Food as Meds is a passion. We test your Foods to match your own body, according to the aches and pains. I also have a soft spot for Kiddies with dreaded Dis-Eases – from Dyslexia, Autism, to ADHD. You name it.’

“If it’s an Ache or Pain, Grief or Fear, Trauma etc, it’s my Business!

I’m Lynette, “the Healing Lady, The Trauma-Lady, the Breathing Lady, the Chakra Clearing Lady, the Medical Medium Lady, The Food-as-Meds-Lady, even the Generational Cord cutting Lady….”

 I’m super-Blessed to be a Medical Medium.  We are given a Body, Mind and Soul, and very often we neglect one of them, or sometimes all of them. I focus on Emotional Health first by using whatever Modality needed for the client, to rid the one crucial part of almost everyone – the always present Monkey Mind. Whatever the Blockage, there is always Relief after Release.

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My Services To You

Grief & Loss

Losing a loved-one is a situation not many know how to handle. I help release Trapped Emotions after any Grief or Loss, to help restore some Emotional Balance. People go into complete robot mode and there are no time restrictions to healing after Grief. The countless Emotions which people deal with, from regret, to pity, to hopelessness, helplessness, to mention a few, are simply released instantly. This then paths the way to a clearer Mind, to be able to see hope for the future. Whether it is Loss in a Marriage, a Loved-one or a friend, Grief is treatable.

Feeling Stuck

Our Minds are our single, most important or most dangerous Tool ever. It steps into “Monkey-Mind-Mode” and no one can help us release the grip. In a Holistic world, we would call it spinning, or simply not being grounded. No matter what we try – nothing moves us back into ‘normality’. Burn out, Sleeplessness, Over tired, Brain fog and may more is then simply avoidable. Our Thoughts simply multiply as we sink deeper into the ‘not-knowing-where-to mode. This creates Anxiety, it leads to Stress and pretty soon its Panic Attack stage. By simply unlocking our Energy Centres (Chakras) we connect to our deepest Core, or Inner Self, and suddenly we can FEEL and SEE direction again.
Getting a nudge in the right direction, is all we need to regain focus and discover the Magical Self again.

Trauma Release

Trauma is such a huge part of our lives lately. Moving house, changing schools, going through a divorce, raising kids, even burn out is traumatic. I use Emotion Code and a few other Modalities to release these Trapped Emotions in our bodies, which build up over time, in a mere instant. We don’t even know we inherit some Trauma from our parents when we are born. Peace of Mind and Harmony is totally possible after clearing these traumatic, hidden emotions.

Transformational Coach

To be a successful Coach, we need to help the client change their negative situation into a positive one asap, whether it is in the workplace, or personal. Empowering them, is key. To teach them to change the scenario, is key. It’s easy to lift their mood and release the burden in the way instantly. Keeping their focus on a Goal, is our aim. The Goal is almost always success. I teach them about the success in Health and Wellbeing and how important this is a basis. The rest then simply flows because they are then open to see and understand the bigger picture.

Restore The Calm

During Covid I realized how many people died of fear – not the CovidI started recording personal Breathing Clips which the loved-ones took to the ICU to play to the patients. They immediately calmed down. Anxiety or panic attacks can easily be stopped by simply Breathing in deeply and exhaling the stress with Intention of Calming down.


I am blessed to connect with people online, doing Distant Sessions. This truly is the biggest Blessing when working with children. There is no need to add stress and tension to another Therapist visit – it is all done without them even noticing. The biggest breakthrough in kiddies, is when the Teachers discover the difference at school. The kids act calmer, they read better, the overall behaviour changes in a calmer, more controllable child. I’ve discovered Trapped Emotions is kiddies, only to find that it stems from the date of the parent’s Divorce, or when their Nana died, or when their best friend moved away. They store trapped or hidden Emotions for years, and no one is aware, until we start clearing. By simply also changing Foods to suit the bodies, their Illnesses fade away even quicker

Foods As Medicine

Since discovering many moons ago that my body rejects Chemicals, I started using the normal Lavender and Lemon Verbena from the garden, as a Tea to sleep better. Pretty soon the Rosemary was picked to wake me in the morning, and it simply snowballed. I am able to test each persons’ Food to match their body. We don’t realise some foods are simply not suitable for our bodies. They can really act as a poison. No one on this planet is the same – and no diet works 100 the same for us all. We soon discovered that one person could tolerate Meat, while they were taught to stay away from meat. We create a unique Food List to suit each individuals’ Body – eliminating many Allergies and irritations to even the intestines.

Generational Trauma

Very few of us realise that we inherit loads of Emotional Baggage from our parents, at birth. They didn’t know this either. I release the Trauma until the Ancestral Lineage is cleared from Illnesses and Emotional blockages. The Freedom thereafter is tangible when I have the follow up sessions.

We often get to do with Dark Entities, not knowing why things constantly keep going wrong. Most times, these are not our Blockages. Clearing them simply brings back the Love and Light we are meant to be surrounded in.

Distressed Animals

Animals sense things must faster and on a deeper level than us humans. I help any Animal by releasing the Trapped Emotions to restore the Calm. I also help to check the Foods of the animals which very often can cause Allergies and Illnesses. We adopt and almost always love them to bits immediately. We never go into their history until something is amiss. It’s crucial to them to get help to release the Ancestral patterns which these poor animals inherited. Often farm owners move away, simply leaving animals to be recued. These are the animals we help in need. Trauma is then invevitable. 

Does the above resonate with you? Would you like to better yourself

We as Empaths, work with people with Emotional challenges on a daily basis. Every single client is different, with different needs. I’ve always been the “nurse”- trying to “fix” everyone. Little did I know it would become my Profession. I’m lately teaching Students all over the world – from the UK, China and USA, who are simply taking the Holistic world by storm with the knowledge they are gaining. This is not the normal Holistic Zoom Courses. I truly believe each Student is on a different level – hence the format. They receive a weekly Session, plus one-on-one Training in whatever level we are busy with for them in the individual Healing Session. For me, there is nothing more satisfying to see the person change his Life around – on a Body, Mind and Soul level.

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