Narrative counselling is a respectful, non-blameful approach that separates you as a person from your problems and encourages you to develop the necessary skills and attitudes needed to overcome your difficulties.

 Dr Joan Collett      

I am a Somerset West based therapist, specializing in narrative counselling.    






Experience & Qualifications
I hold a doctorate, completed in 2011, with specialisation in the eating disorders, (anorexia and bulimia) and addictions, which provides me with specialist knowledge and a model of expertise necessary to deal with these conditions.  My academic qualifications in Clinical Psychology and Practical Theology, together with more than a decade of hands-on experience, extends my therapeutic care and support to include individual counselling, couples counselling and family / parental counselling.


Individual Counselling

You may be struggling with an eating disorder (anorexia /bulimia, a form of addiction or substance abuse/addiction, ongoing depression, anxiety or panic attacks, which cause you to be stressed out, turning your life upside down.

Our face-to-face conversations and expert counselling techniques built on years of practical experience, will help you to take your life back from any of these crippling conditions.

My ultimate goal of individual counselling is to provide you with a confidential forum to unearth and confront issues that are limiting your growth and self-esteem. Through one-on-one conversations conducted in a safe and comfortable environment, my on-going therapeutic care and commitment will assist you in making the steps toward a journey of change and growth.

Couples Counselling

I am expertly qualified and equipped to deal with a range of problems and/or addictions. My primary area of expertise is eating disorders (Anorexia Nervosa/Bulimia Nervosa, though my therapeutic care and support extends to include substance abuse/addiction, depression and relationship counselling.

Couples counselling provides a space for collaborative interaction and attentive listening, a place where you and your partner can address and uncover the areas of your relationship that may need enriching and/or support.

Couples In Distress



 If you are experiencing problems within your marriage, I can help you address both your individual needs and those of your partnership in ways that can make your union stronger. Conducted in a private and safe environment, marital counselling or relationship mediation can encourage and achieve a happy and satisfying relationship.

Pre-Marital Counselling



Prevent your marital relationship from becoming another divorce statistic. Pre-marital counselling can help you explore and understand the dynamics of being in relationship; inter-dependent mutuality and ongoing empowerment of each other. We will consider different personality types and personal backgrounds and their effect on being in relationship. We will discuss proper communication and conflict resolution techniques to ensure that you develop practical and effective strategies on which to build a strong foundation for a life-time together.

Family/Parent Counselling

Having worked with eating disorders and other forms of addiction for over a decade, I have full appreciation for the turmoil and emotional trauma these conditions can inflict on family members.

As parents you may feel angry, helpless, disappointed, or as though you have failed your child. At the same time I counselled and provided therapeutic support to young people facing adjustment problems because of divorce, a change in schools, academic and career choices. Through parental counselling, I can help you make sense of what is happening, I can support you in supporting your child

Areas Of Specialisation

Eating Disorders

Contrary to popular belief that anorexia and bulimia are issues isolated to food and eating, I believe that they are about feelings. Rather than viewing disordered eating behaviours as the root of the problem, I view them as superficial symptoms masking what is, in fact, a deeper hurt – the hurt of a self that is seeking to be noticed; a self that has fallen out of love with itself.

Addictions / Substance / Drug Abuse

Addictive behaviour is an umbrella term for many different problems ranging from relationship addiction (where you are unable to free yourself from a relationship which disempowers and/or overwhelms you), to anorexia and bulimia, substance abuse (alcohol and drug abuse) gambling or pornography


Depression can rob you of life’s joy, throttle your sense of purpose and meaning, and trap you in a self-deprecating, perpetuating cycle of hopelessness and misery. I have worked with many patients suffering from depression, and I can help you not only understand, but also stand up to your depression.

Anxiety & Stress Management

Is something missing from your life? Is something just not right?

Underlying stress, coupled with anxiety, often gets in the way of feeling good. What is it that brings these feelings of unease and derails a life of purpose? Perhaps you struggle about your own sense of direction and purpose, maybe you are facing a relationship or career problem?

Relationship Counselling 

Facilitating a stronger union

If you are experiencing problems within your marriage, I can help you address both your individual needs and those of your partnership in ways that can make your union stronger.

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I have a deep, heartfelt concern for all lives crippled by emotional problems, by anorexia or bulimia, and other forms of addiction – whether to food, alcohol, drugs or any other entity. I also firmly believe that everyone can achieve total transformation and healing. It is a reality I live every day. I have confidence in recovery – your recovery; it stems from witnessing first-hand the countless healing journeys of my clients.

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