Ducli Fire Pty Ltd has secured the position as a South African owned fire protection and detection company situated in KwaZulu Natal , offering specialised sales and services to our ever-expanding local and national client base.

All of our services offered are done in strict accordance with the codes of practice and conduct stipulated by the relevant governing and regulatory authorities. As a result, we enjoy full accreditation across the board for your peace of mind that all work undertaken by our qualified and experienced technicians is done to the highest possible standards applicable to our industry.

Fire Detection & Fire Alarms System

Our division caters for all your needs, covering the installation of:

  • Both conventional and analogue-addressable fire alarm systems
  • Smoke, heat and multi-sensor detectors (including intrinsically safe type detection)
  • Infrared and ultraviolet flame detection
  • Aspiration (air sampling) detection for various hazards
  • Gas suppression for high-risk areas (various mediums)
  • Reporting of alarms
  • Linking of systems to access control, ventilation and audio evacuation systems for automatic control
  • Fire door and stairwell pressurisation control
  • Beam detection for warehousing
  • Ember detection for conveyor systems

Our Fire Extinguisher Range & Services

-Installation & Repair of Fire Detection Systems

-Installation & Repair of Gas Suppression Systems

-Installation & Repair of Fire Door Alarms

-Installation & Repair of Fire Door Mechanisms

-Installations of Fire Doors

-Weekly tests for Fire Pumps & Sprinkler Systems

-Installation & Repair for Fire Safety PA Systems

-Emergency Water Leaks Call Outs

Installations of various types of Fire Doors

Fire Alarm Systems & Smoke Detectors

Fire alarm systems and smoke detectors are our highly demanded products, as it is a must have as a safety hazard in most private owned businesses in regards to their SAFETY, HEALTH & ENVIROMENTAL company regulations.

We offer both conventional and analogue addressable fire alarm systems.

 Our fire detectors – Smoke, heat and multi-sensor detectors (Including intrinsically safe type detection)

Fire Safety PA Systems

Automatic Fire Safety PA System Panel. It is an automatic announcement system which can be connected to main control unit to activate in case of fire and commonly used in offices and hotels. It provides high accuracy in operation and built using quality assured components as per industry standards and offer by us at attractive market prices

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