Enlightened Medical Arena is a  proudly South African company focusing on the sales and distribution of Medical Supplies and Medical  Equipment. We supply of hospitals, clinics and pharmacies  with all theater equipments and instruments, gloves sterile and non sterile, sterile water, irrigation water, bandages, diathermy , thermometers and many more.  The business was built on medical expertise, excellent client service and the pursuit of medical- and clinical innovation. Today, this desire to constantly improve and grow is an integral part of the Medicare culture and the brand is now firmly established in the South African and African Medical supply chain.

Enlightened Medical Arena was established as a 100% black-owned, medical equipment and consumables value-added distributor company. We are a major supplier of medical equipment, medical and surgical devices and consumables to both government and private hospitals throughout South Africa in partnership with strategic worldwide market leading medical manufacturers. 

We strive for service excellence to both our customers and our suppliers and thus ensuring a better patient outcome. Enlightened Medical Areana is company that achieves excellence in People, Product and Purpose. The company culture facilitates employee happiness, is flexible and encourages it employees to improve their knowledge making them extremely marketable and confident to achieve their goals whether it be in sales or administration and logistics.

Our Vision is to offer practical medical solutions in our prospective markets in  South Africa, at competitive prices thus enhancing patient outcomes and adding value to our supply partners.

Our Head Office is located in the Gauteng, South Africa

Our Services

1. Medical Supplies

We are a large medical or surgical items that are consumable, expendable, disposable or non-durable and that are used for the treatment or diagnosis of a patient’s specific illness,

injury, or condition. Enlightened Medical Area  offers specialty medical supplies
or long-term care facility. These supplies are often specialty products that you
would not typically find at a drugstore or pharmacy. 

We supply to hospitals ,clinics and pharmacies ( all theater equipments and instruments, gloves sterile and non sterile, sterile water, irrigation water, bandages, diathermy , thermometers and many 

2. Employees wellness screening and testing

Our wellness program includes any activity designed to support better health at work and/or to improve health outcomes. Professional nurses assigned on a regular basis to screen employees and provide health advices These programs often include medical screenings, incentives, behavior change interventions, fitness programs, social support or competitions. Preventive health and wellness benefits are designed to help maintain or improve employees’ behavior to achieve better health and to reduce health risks. By warding off health problems or lowering their incidence among employees, organizations hope to save on long-term health costs.

3. Medical Couries

We offer  distribution and transportation of some if not all medical products including those needing certain temperatures.  Medical couriers play a vital role in the transportation of medical equipment and items between different healthcare facilities. We are generally responsible for managing deliveries and pickups, taking orders to clients. We also document all movements of medical property or equipment.

4. Phlebotomy services


Our professional nurses are assigned to this professional services for certain life insurance companies. A procedure in which a needle is used to take blood from a vein, usually for laboratory testing. Phlebotomy may also be done to remove extra red blood cells from the blood, to treat certain blood disorders.

5. Home Health


We provide home health and old aged services like follow up on chronic patients and also oxygen therapy. Common diagnoses among home health care patients include circulatory disease (31 percent of patients), heart disease (16 percent), injury and poisoning (15.9 percent), musculoskeletal and connective tissue disease (14.1 percent), and respiratory disease (11.6 percent).

We are passionate about advancing patient outcomes by connecting healthcare professionals to the creators of innovative medical technology.



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