Herbafrique was founded in 2005 by a research and development team who believe in providing the finest scientifically founded herbal products in South Africa. Only the finest locally-sourced African ingredients and the highest standard of manufacturing has gone into these biological and natural products.

The human body is far more tolerant of plant extracts than synthetically produced chemicals because:

Herbs contain minerals and vitamins which are easily absorbed by the skin. These have a far more beneficial effect in softening wrinkles, moisturising, reducing oiliness, and are helpful in combating skin disorders like eczema, acne, and blotchiness.

Skin allergies and sensitivities are on the increase. This is because of creams containing artificial fragrances and parabens (preservatives) as well

as sunscreens with protective factors that are way too high. Herbs have a balancing effect, homeostasis, on the body which eventually normalises the functioning of the skin. Herbafrique’s mission is to raise awareness around herbal remedies and provide great products as an alternative to conventional medication and skincare. 


About Our Products

We are a proudly South African company that provides luxurious herbal products at an affordable price.We offer you natural creams without mineral oil, petrochemicals, parabens, artificial fragrance, or colourantsOur products are not tested on animals. I present to you 100% natural creams which contain no mineral oil, aqueous, petrochemicals, parabens, artificial fragrance or colourants.

Jean Franklin

Business Owner

Jean, a passionate believer in herbs and natural remedies, is the founder and owner of Herbafrique. She is responsible for product and business development, consultant training, and manages the day-to-day operations of the business.

Jean is extremely knowledgeable on herbs and their medicinal and household usage and gives talks from time to time discussing herbs and their uses.  consultant training, and manages the day-to-day operations of the business. 

Body Products

4 in 1 Sun Resque and Mosquito Repellent

Aloe Resque Gel for Sensitive Areas, After Shave or Wax

Skin Resque Gel – Nature’s 911

Muscle Resque Gel

Family Holiday Essentials

Hiking Trio

Skin Softening Treat

3WAYGEL All purpose Wash and Shampoo 300ml/500ml

Holiday Travel Kit

Skin Softener Hand and Body Lotion 300ml

Bath Products

3 in 1 Gel All Purpose Wash

Calendular Sea Crystals

Glycerine Soap Bars

Herbs & Spices Sea Crystals

Holiday Travel Kit

Lavender Sea Crystals

Men’s Pamper

Rooibos, Cinnamon & Honey Sea Crystals

Herbal Deodorant

Rose Sea Crystals

Facial Products

African Mud Masque for Oily Skins and T-Panel

Natural Cleansing Cream for All Skin Types

Skin Care Essentials

Peppermint Exfoliator/Masque

Protective Day Care Cream SPF15 for All Skin Types

Nourishing Night Care Cream

Household Products

Laundry Gel – Natural Orange

NATURAL ORANGE floor Tile Cleaner / Toilet & Bathroom Cleaner

All Purpose Cleaning Spray and Insect Repellent

Dish Washing Liquid – Natural Orange

Fly Repellent Kennel Spray – Natural Orange

Orange All Purpose Cleaning Gel – Natural Orange

Herbal Supplements

Colon Resque

Health Resque

Joint Resque

Beauty Gifts & Sets

Holiday Travel Kit

Skin Softening Treat

Skin Care Essentials

Men’s Wash n Go Kit

Sea Crystals Presentation Pack

Please visit our website to view all products and services with outstanding Health & Beauty benefits.

Natural Cleansing Cream/ Eye make-up remove -80ml

Skin Resque Nature’s 911 – 100ml and 300ml

4-1 Sun Protection SPF25 – 80ml & 500ml

Skin Softener Hand & Body Lotion – 50ml & 300ml

Nourishing Night Care Cream – 80ml

Peppermint Exfoliator/Masque – 100g 

Natural Day Care Moisturiser – 80ml

3WayGel – 300ml & 500ml

Muscle Resque – 100ml

Herbal Deodorant – 100g

Colon Resque – (60) cap

Aloe Resque gel – 100ml

African Mud Masque – 100ml 

Herbafrique is a company which has a passion for herbs and its intention is to develop an awareness that there is an alternative to orthodox medication, synthetic chemicals and fragrances.  If you follow this passion and would like to promote natural health by helping others lead a healthier lifestyle, then join us as a health consultant and either supplement or increase your income.

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