A Biokineticist is a clinical exercise specialist which aims to improve quality of the life via exercise prescriptions. A Biokineticist uses various assessment modalities in order to tailor exercise to each patients needs. A Biokineticist will use various range of motion and mobility exercises as well as strengthening and power and stretching movements to treat a patient in incremental steps according to the patients level of progress. 

The scope of the Biokinetics practice includes various populations. Orthopedic Rehabilitation is aimed at the treatment and prevention of various bone / joint / muscle related injuries. Chronic Disease Management covers the monitoring and prescription of exercise in order to treat conditions such as diabetes / obesity / hypertension. Disability Management is aimed at improving functionality and quality of life of various disabilities such as amputations and various mental / neurological conditions.

Biokinetics is a field of Clinical Exercise Science used in the treatment and prevention of various injuries. Biokineticists are part of the medical industry and are governed by the Health Professionals Council of SA (HPCSA) as well as the Biokinetics Association of SA (BASA).

Kyle Norton strives to provide consistent and passionate service to my patients through scientifically based assessment and individual rehab exercise prescription. No challenge is too great and I will not quit until I achieve the best possible rehab outcome. I pride myself on being up to date with the latest trends in order to provide the best possible treatment.

Kyle Norton’s Products & Services

1) Orthopedic/Musculoskeletal Assessment
This assessment is an in depth 60 minute evaluation of the patient. The assessment according to injury covers full medical history, postural, neuro motor assessment, palpation of the injury site, Range of motion testing/stability testing, strength/ proprioception testing, special injury specific testing.
is used to gain insight into how best to treat each and every patient as an individual and to individualize treatment according to scientific assessment.

2) One on One rehabilitation coaching
Once the assessment has revealed the best means of treatment, a rehabilitation program will be individualized according to the patients needs, strengths and weaknesses, in order to achieve the best and fastest possible rehab outcome. Each session is conducted one on one with specific focus on correct technique and exercise form in order to achieve maximum activation of the desired muscle groups.

3) Chronic Disease Management
No matter ones age or state of health every individual can experience several physical / psychological and emotional benefits from regular correctly administered exercise. In some cases, exercise has been shown to control and even reverse certain diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes/Hypertension and various chronic pain related conditions. Some patients experience increased mobility and decreased perceived pain after only one or two sessions.

4) Pre-rehabilitation and Rehabilitation
When one has been or needs to go for an operation ie hip/knee replacement, arthroscopy on the knee or shoulder, Biokinetics exercise can assist in fast recovery to pre-injury functionality. When one expects an operation is imminent pre-rehab will strengthen the stability structures and musculature in order to fast track post surgery recovery. Once the operation is completed rehabilitation can aid in achieving normal Range of movement/Strength and functionality back as well as re-instilling confidence in the individual and the injury limb, because very often injury creates a guarding situation in which a negative and unnecessary physical and psychological guarding slows recovery.

5) Sport Specific Performance Optimization
With my Sport Science Honours degree and my special interest in performance optimization and conditioning coaching, I strive to assist any professional and aspiring athletes to achieve performance excellence in their sporting code. I have a special interest in swimmers and golfers. My thesis was conducted on “Sport Specific Talent Identification From a Young Age”. To be an athlete requires a unique blend of raw talent and genetic predisposition as well as determination and training. I use scientifically based assessment and training in order to hone and peak natural talent and improve underlying weak areas. Sports Specific Assessment includes firstly identifying testing criteria relevant to the sport before completing a comprehensive assessment of these parameters in order to optimize training.

6) Biokinetics and Pregnancy
Both pre and postnatal exercise is beneficial during pregnancy and is an area of speciality within Biokinetics. Maintaining regular physical activity during pregnancy has been shown to maintain health and wellbeing of mom and baby. Exercise has also been shown to decrease certain common discomforts during pregnancy such as excessive fatigue and body and back ache. Exercise has also been shown to lower risk of gestational diabetes and hypertension. Exercise pre and postnatal can increase core and pelvic floor stability which ultimately results in fast recovery and easier delivery. It is important to have a good understanding of what exercise is safe and beneficial in each trimester, because this minimizes risk to mother and baby. 

7) Biokinetics and the Elderly
As one ages, certain physical parameters decline and it becomes increasingly important to exercise to maintain functional capacity and quality of life through activities of daily living. Fall prevention also becomes a major part of exercise used to prevent injury and degeneration with age. One can still improve cardiovascular functioning / musculoskeletal strength and endurance with age, in order to enjoy maximum quality and functionality in life. In the elderly population especially exercise is individualized to the patients capacity and increased incrementally as improvement occurs. A major emphasis is placed on balance and proprioception in the elderly to prevent falls and potential fractures. This exercise is prescribed in a fun and interactive atmosphere motivating the individual to keep up their physical status and capacity.

8) Children and Biokinetics
As a field, Biokinetics can aid in the neuro motor development of children throughout various stages of development.
Biokinetics in children tends to focus on aiding in reaching various developmental goals and milestones as well as training and rehab on various postural and postural awareness related conditions such as Scoliosis and Khyphosis of the spine. Various disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy and Autism can be treated from a young age in order to correct low muscle tone and postural issues on these populations. Exercise at a young age should be fun and seen as play rather than as a task and in this way from a young age postural awareness and various fixed postural issues can be avoided and corrected at a young age. Posture and muscle memory are set from a young age and they can be enhanced and optimized from childhood in order to avoid issues later in life.

9) Groups and Rehab Classes
Walk For Life : Aimed at getting people moving. All welcome from fit to beginner, we will walk a set distance in the fresh morning air. Walking interspersed with body weight exercises and finishing with stretching. Intensity dependant on the group.
Ball : A studio based class in which every exercise involves the exercise ball. Full body conditioning / legs / arms / core / proprioception. All on the ball. Intensity dependant on the group.
Bosu / Balance Ball Class : Studio based class in which the full body / legs / arms / core / proprioception is conducted on the bosu ball. Intensity dependant on the group.
classes will be weekend based until demand grows, they will be 45 – 60 minute and include a variety of cardio / resistance and stretching activity at more affordable prices.

10) Online Coaching / Rehab Exercise
With the growing trend of online training I do offer online advice and exercise prescriptions for both rehabilitation and performance optimization. This focuses on common injuries such as lower back pain , Rotator Cuff and shoulder pain, core strength and functional training.

11) Body Fat Assessment
I work closely with various fitness athlete groups with the IFBB and WBFF, doing body composition and body fat assessment for athletes competing competitively on stage. My assessment includes – 9 site skinfold body fat percentage assessment /Somato typing / BMI assessment / lean body mass and fat mass. These results are saved in order to track progress leading up to a competition and as a pre post-season comparison.

Our Services Include:
– Orthopedic
and musculoskeletal Injury assessment.
– Rehabilitation exercise prescription
– Chronic disease management (hypertension, obesity, Parkinson’s, diabetes, cancers,        osteoporosis and Osteopenia.
– Pre and Post surgery rehabilitation.
– Sports Science and Sport specific analysis and performance optimization.
– Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis management.
– Diabetic care and management.
– Exercise for the elderly and for fall prevention.
– Group rehab classes.
– Pre and Postnatal / pregnancy training.
– Activities of Daily Living enhancement “walking/stairs/gardening/driving.
– Children’s exercise / postural awareness.
– Online coaching / rehabilitation.
– Vitality & Momentum Fitness Assessments
– Body composition and Body Fat percentage assessments.
– Deep tissue Sports Massage

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