Welcome to Magdaleen Haffner Counselling & Massage Therapy. During our life time we experience all kind of challenges and we have to deal with every day events.  There comes a time that you have to stop and restructure your life. In order to do that you have to talk to somebody that will understand your situation and will anticipate all your endeavors with out any  judgement, this is were you and I will meet and we will work through whatever you need to resolve.

The service I provide is the following:
– Analysing present issues and the influences of the past and the present.

– Comforting the client that does not have a support system in place.

– Helping clients with maladaptive behaviors or thinking patterns.

– Helping clients to understand themselves and to understand other people in a private or work environment.

– Guiding clients through crises such as Life and Love, abuse, Death and  bereavement, marital issues and divorce as well as Sexuality and Partnerships.

– Teaching clients how to effectively resolve emotional, rational and professional conflicts

– Teaching clients to improve current relationships and build new ones.

– Helping clients accept themselves and self-awareness.

– Dealing with clients that are in a state of depression and stress.

– Guiding clients and their children through Child Psychology, Child  Mental Well being and Anxiety awareness.

– Guiding clients through a Life coaching process to be able to accomplice their goals.

– Teaching the techniques of Mindfulness and Meditation.

Our services are tailored to meet your specific needs. I am dedicated to providing high-quality services to my clients. It’s my business to take care of you. We promise quality, reliable service every time to make our loyal customers feel appreciated. Our focus is on working hard for you and listen to what you have to say. We promise to put our hearts into whatever you need as if it were ours. Looking for something specific? We’d love to hear from you and see if we can help! Come and talk with me about your life stresses, struggles and tribulations. 

Our services

Anxiety & Stress Counselling

Our Therapy can help you uncover the underlying causes of your worries and fears. You will learn how to relax and look at situations in new, less frightening ways and develop better coping and problem-solving skills. Our therapy gives you the tools to overcome anxiety and teaches you how to use them.


Stress and anxiety are a natural part of the fight or flight response and the body’s reaction to danger. The purpose of this response is to ensure a person is alert, focused, and ready to deal with a threat. Both stress and anxiety are normal, although they can sometimes overwhelm people.

I am dedicated to providing my counselling clients with an organized and innovative process, which allows for focus and creativity. I team up with each client as both a leader and journey companion walking alongside their practice goals.

Yoga With A Twist

Our yoga twist session has  many health benefits for you. Twists sessions rotate the spine and stretch the muscles of the back. This helps to restore and retain the spine’s natural range of motion. If we don’t employ our natural range of motion we run the risk of our joints hardening and fusing. The surrounding supportive soft tissue can also become short and dysfunctional.


When we are breathing in twists, our abdomen is compressed to some degree. That forces more air upward into the chest and adds even more pressure into those intercostal muscles.

Massage Therapy / Neck/ Shoulder/ Full Body

Our massage therapy provides you with a large amount of health benefits. It reduces  stress, increase relaxation, Reducing pain , muscle soreness and tension and Improves circulation, energy and alertness and Lowering heart rate and blood pressure.


Our Massage stimulates receptors that transmit sensory signals to the central nervous system, and this in turn causes the reduction in tension in muscles and the feeling of relaxation. Massage causes the release of endorphins which has been shown to reduce pain and muscle tension.

Hotstone Treatment

A hot stone massage is a type of massage therapy. It’s used to help you relax and ease tense muscles and damaged soft tissues throughout your body. During a hot stone massage, smooth, flat, heated stones are placed on specific parts of your body. This type of massage involves the use and placement of basalt River rock on different points of the body.

The rocks are heated before use and i  then apply deeper pressure to areas of concern without causing any discomfort. On the other hand, hot stone massage is offered for enhancing circulation and relaxing tight muscles.

I am a Licensed Holistic Counselor Practitioner. As well as a Massage Therapist. The two practices is running hand in hand to give you the best treatment. This is my passion and I really looking forward to give you some peace of mind and massage away all your stress and depression.

My values include: providing trustworthy support and quality guidance. A willingness to refer counselling clients to other business supports if I am not able to meet their needs. To provide fair, consistent, and affordable fees to every single counselling client no matter their race, orientation, religion, or social status. To make available quality products and services that will benefit the consumer’s practice and business goals. I value in myself and my clients: integrity, fairness, transparency and professionalism, as well as innovation, hard work, creativity, the willingness to learn and to grow, and work life balance.
In outlining my values, I let my client (the consumer of my products or services) clearly see who I am and what the guiding values are behind my company and work ethic. In other words, what my company (me) stands for. Again, this will give that consumer a good idea of what I value in order to make an informed choice if I am the right
counselling fit for them.

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