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HEALTH is all about CELLULAR COMMUNICATION…..now even more than ever. MANNATECH transforms lives all around the world through science based  GLYCONUTRITION products, that provide an unprecedented level of WELLNESS, FREEDOM , and PURPOSE. MANNATECH is REAL FOOD technology for INTEGRATIVE and TARGETED ( spesific health challenges) HEALTH to help your body be its best! Also IMMUNE + GUT  HEALTH . NUTRITIONAL SUPLEMENTATION is necessary for those who wants a lifestyle of HEALTH ,MENTAL CLARITY , BONE and EYE HEALTH,  ENERGY , VITALITY and YOUTH . 

These SCIENTIFICALLY researched products helps your body to HEAL and RESTORE itself. Every year, Mannatech continues to produce innovative, leading-edge products that help support health, beauty and wellness. Our line continues to expand to meet the changing needs of our customers. We invite you to try our products and experience first-hand the effects they have on your mind and body. Many of our loyal Mannatech family has followed us since the beginning. And our global reach continues to expand to other continents. At Mannatech, we truly care about people and enjoy helping them lead healthy and fulfilling lives. We invite you to connect with us

Today, Mannatech enjoys an exclusive partnership with Natural Aloe de Costa Rica (NACR), a manufacturer of premium Aloe products in Costa Rica, that cultivates a superior Aloe vera plant. Mannatech and NACR perfected the processes to ensure Manapol contains the most potent form of Acemannan. Well-known for its arid climate and rich volcanic soil, Costa Rica grows the best Aloe on the planet and the company produces the purest Acemannan known to man.

At Mannatech, science continues to remain at the forefront. We continue investing in scientific studies and testing to substantiate the efficacy of our products. Throughout our history, Mannatech has obtained protection for technology relating to our proprietary formulas by securing more than 140 patents in numerous countries around the world.

Exclusive to Mannatech, Manapol is the only commercially available 100% Aloe product that meets the scientifically approved molecular weight definition of 1-2 million Daltons to be true Acemannan as set forth by Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) and American Medical Association’s United States Adopted Names Council (USAN). While other companies claim their products contain Acemannan, no other product meets the molecular grade definition. Mannatech is the only company in the world with true Acemannan.

Our Products



Advanced Ambrotose®

Powerful Nutrient Complex for Immune & Digestive Health

Advanced Ambrotose®

Powerful Nutrient Complex for Immune & Digestive Health

Advanced Ambrotose® & Optimum Support

This bundle features a mix of products from our Integrative Health category.

Advanced Ambrotose® (Caps)

Powerful Nutrient Complex for Immune & Digestive Health

Ambrotose AO®

Fight back against oxidative stress

Ambrotose AO®

Fight back against pollution, toxins & stress

Ambrotose® & OSP

Ambrotose® Complex

Our foundational Glycan supplement

Ambrotose® Complex

Our foundational Glycan supplement

Ambrotose® Complex & Optimum Support

Basic Body Composition


Aid your body’s natural recovery process


Daily nutrition for your heart


Stay at your highest level of wellness

Elite Performance Kit


Clean, healthy energy


Soothe minor skin irritations

FIRM with Ambrotose®

Soothe & moisturize your whole body

GI-Zyme® ProBalance

Enzyme support for all stages of digestion

GI-Zyme® Capsules

Enzyme support for all stages of digestion


Great tasting Glyconutrient-infused coffee

Gut Health Bundle

Overall Good Health Starts with a Healthy Gut


Help Out Your Immunity


The purest form of acemannan


Next level glycans


Supports colon health with enzymes & probiotics

Nutriverus Integrative Health With Ambrotose Complex

Foundational Mannatech products


Herbal blend with vitamin C for general well-being

Nutriverus Integrative Health With Ambrotose Complex

Foundational Mannatech products


Complete nutrition to support your diet


Complete nutrition to support your diet

Omega-3 with Vitamin D₃

Keep Your Heart and Brain Healthy

Optimal Support Packets

Advanced daily nutrition in convenient packaging


Build & maintain lean muscle


Helps protect against nutritional deficiencies


Balanced hormones – balanced life


Avoid the crash by maintaining normal blood sugar levels

Superfood – Winter Family Bundle

Special Offer

Superfood Greens and Reds

It tastes as good as you’ll feel

Total Health Advanced Ambrotose Value Bundle

TruPLENISH™ & Superfood – Save 20%

TruPLENISH™ Meal Replacement (Creamy Vanilla)

Tame your cravings with a creamy shake

TruPLENISH™ Meal Replacement (Rich Chocolate)

Indulge with a shake any time of the day

UTH Face and Body – 30% Savings

Nourish, Sooth & Hydrate for Healthy, Soft Skin. Transform Your Skin Today!

Uth® Facial Cleanser

Exfoliate & wash away makeup & impurities

Uth FACE Bundle – 20% OFF

Three simple steps to more beautiful skin

Product videos with outstanding Health Benefits

Products can be shipped WORLDWIDE. 90 DAY MONEY BACK promise.


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