We offer our clients a continuum of care which means they can stay with us throughout their full treatment process  from primary residential treatment all the way to their reintegration stage. Having access to the same therapeutic  team has been shown to be beneficial to treatment due to the levels of trust that are built with their treatment team.







About Us

Mudita Cara was founded in 2017 by Jaco Coetzee. Jaco can empathize with the suffering of people in active addiction through his own journey from active addiction to recovery.

Jaco got clean 7 years ago and continues to live a life of recovery and integrity. He is an inspiration to all the people he comes across by telling his story.

Mudita Cara offers a safe, ethical and compassionate space for our clients to recover.

Opening our addiction treatment center not only reduced harm in the life of the clients suffering from substance use disorder but also in the lives of their families.


Our philosophy is centered in unconditional positive regard for all our clients
that come through our doors and allowing them freedom to be human again.


At Mudita Cara, you matter and your story matters!” 

                                                              Jaco Coetzee 


Clinical Psychologist/Psychiatrist assessments

Individual Counselling

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)

Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy  (REBT)

Family Counselling

Group Psychotherapy

Introduction to the 12 Step Program

Medication-Assisted Therapies

Meditation & Mindfulness

Motivational Interviewing


Relapse Prevention Planning




Sufficient nutrition and hydration are key to the substance abuse healing process because they help  restore physical and mental health which will improve the  chance of recovery.

Mudita Cara offers 3 meals a day. Our menu has been carefully designed by a nutritionist to ensure adequate nutrition as well as suitable portions per meal, per person.


vOnsite Tuck Shop

We have a tuck shop on our premises. We supply those “luxury” items for your sweet tooth. Some of the items we stock are chips, chocolate, cool drinks and jelly sweets.


vPersonal Belongings

Mudita offers the clients all their required bedding.  Should you require more blankets or prefer your  own bedding please bring some along. Please  remember to bring the following items with you:  Toiletries, clothing and any sentimental personal belongings.

Cellphones and electronics will be kept in the safe and allowed  during monitored specified times.






This therapy is a humanistic, holistic, person-centered form of psychotherapy and is focused on a person’s present  life and challenges rather than delving into past experiences. 


 This approach stresses the importance of understanding the context of a person’s life and taking responsibility rather than placing blame.


 The unfolding of the psychotherapeutic relationship is considered to proceed in four main stages: commitment,  process, change and termination. 


Each stage has its own tasks and sub-stages that must be reasonably completed  before transition to the next phase of treatment.



Counseling allows individuals to explore their feelings, beliefs, and behaviors through  challenging and identifying aspects of their lives that they would like to change. This  process assists them to better understand themselves and others, set personal goals,  and work toward desired change.


Having this individual attention from our dedicated counselors will improve their  communication and interpersonal skills. They also work on the following: Greater self- acceptance and self-esteem, ability to change, self-defeating behaviors/habits,  better expression and management of emotions including anger, relief from depression anxiety and any other mental health conditions


Our counsellors stay connected with our clients’ loved ones and family  members. The client’s focal counsellor  will send the family members updated feedback on the client on a  weekly basis.

Substance use disorder affects all areas of the client’s life and those close to them. The most affected by  this, is the immediate family structure. 


When families lose trust, it is difficult  for them to manage the functionality of their relationship.

We aim to foster  honest and healthy communication  within the family structure, by  including them in the client’s  treatment process.

Family reintegration and  communication is very important for  the family’s healing process. We have  family sessions to discuss treatment  tracking feedback and reintegration  back into the family.


Our philosophy is that “no two people are the same” which means we see our clients as individuals and create  treatment plans according to their individual needs and circumstances. We use therapeutic tools best suited for the individual.


We use the above treatment timeline and client centered treatment goals in our family meeting to share with  the family how the client is progressing through their treatment process whilst at Mudita Cara.




Clients are not allowed to keep phones on their

person during their stay at Mudita Cara. All

clients will have access to their phones or house phone at specific times. This communication will

be supervised by our on-site counsellor or our experienced house Manager. Depending on the current COVID-19 restrictions,family members will be able to visit their loved ones on a Sunday and bring along any additional items.


Please note that we require a negative COVID -19

at Ampath or Lancet and the client would have to

test no more that 24 hours prior to admission.



 We only accept PCR COVID-19 tests.

The above protocols are in place to keep you and loved ones safe within our care.

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