Welcome to Pretoria Dietitian, your number one source for all things nutrition. We’re dedicated to providing you with practical ways of eating as well as effectively reaching your nutritional goals. Founded in 2018 by Jason van Heerden, Pretoria Dietitian evolved from Jason Diet by offering numerous nutritional services to meet the nutritional needs of all his clients. Jason has a passion for education as you can see from his YouTube channel “Jason van Heerden Registered Dietitian”.
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What is the best diet?

The best diet in the world is the one that you can actually stick to. It has to be practical, enjoyable, affordable and sustainable. You should never be hungry or overfull and should always have energy through the day.
Everyone has their own specific needs and goals and our mission to make your meal plan as practical, enjoyable but yet effective to get you to where you want to be.

We look at you and your needs!

Our Services

Can’t get your weight under control? 

Dietitians are experts in the art and science of nutrition to help you lead the healthy lifestyle you’ve been striving towards. Let us help you lose or gain weight in a healthy and practical way.

Want that summer body?

We have all heard that a summer body is 80% diet and 20% exercise. Our work is to ensure that you are getting the correct nutrition to fuel your body while effectively reducing your body fat percentage

Looking to tone up?

Our advanced In Body 120 scale allow us to track your progress in altering your body composition. We adapt the meal plan with each follow up session to facilitate optimal results along your journey.

Have a medical condition?

We do an in-depth nutritional analysis and help you to understand how to nutritionally manage your medical condition.

Want a science-based diet?

Dietitians are experts in the art and science of clinical nutrition. We look at evidence-based nutrition to manage your clinical condition.

Want to know exactly what to eat?

Our aim is to make your diet practical, sustainable and enjoyable.

Want science-based sports nutrition?

We have a passion to provide science-based and effective nutrition to meet your exercise goals.

What supplements could benefit you?

We look at you and your specific goals and based on that we recommend the best supplements that could benefit you if they are needed.

Want to gain muscle and stay lean?

Our advanced InBody 120 scale allows us to track your progress in altering your body composition. We adapt the meal plan with each follow up session to facilitate optimal results along your journey.

Planning For Pregnancy?

We assist you with science-based nutritional information during all life cycles including pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, lactation, introducing solid food and more.

Want the best nutrition for you and your baby?

We aim to ensure that mom and baby have the optimal specific nutrition that they need at each milestone

Have a fussy eater?

Dieticians understand the challenges and frustration behind picky eaters. We help you develop practical solutions to ensure your child meets their nutritional goals

Do you struggle with an irritable gut?

Dietitian understand the complex nature and science of an irritable gut and look at what will be the effective way to alleviate your symptoms.

Are your gut issues affecting your everyday life?

Our aim is to make you feel comfortable in your own body and enjoy everyday activities without worrying about your sensitive gut.

Want a diet specifically for your gut issues?

We do an in-depth nutritional analysis and help you to understand how to nutritionally manage your gut health.

Have an unhealthy relationship with food?

We look at you and your specific situation and aim to discover the reasons behind certain eating patterns in order to help you overcome your obstacles

Want someone to help with your specific needs? 

We want to walk a road with you to develop practical solutions for your unique needs and situation.

Want a tailor-made diet?

We look at you and your specific nutritional needs and goals and then develop a meal plan for you that is sustainable, practical and enjoyable.

Do you want to know how to do your diet correctly?

Everyone is different and that is why we do an in-depth nutritional analysis to adapt your diet to suit your lifestyle.

Struggling with a hormone imbalance or Your thyroid?

Nutrition plays a vital role in hormonal balance and your thyroid. We look at your specific situation and provide a personalised meal plan for you to effectively and nutritionally manage your hormones.

Want to manage your weight during menopause?

We understand the weight changes that accompany menopause. We look at you and your specific needs and goals and provide you with a practical meal plan.

Want an effective PCOS diet?

We utilise the science-based evidence behind PCOS and develop a meal plan for you that is sustainable, practical, enjoyable and effective.

Looking to improve the health of your employees?

We provide versatile options of nutritional talks, health screenings and individual sessions at your organisation to improve your employees’ nutritional wellbeing.

Want a tailor-made nutrition and wellness package?

We look at your organisation’s specific needs and provide the best suited nutritional service according to those needs.

Meet Our Team

Jason Van Heerden
Founder & Managing Director
Jason studied his Dietetics degree at the University of Pretoria and started his dietitian practice in 2019. Jason has a passion for his work and people and enjoys going in-depth with his clients with their specific nutritional goals and needs.

Shani La Grange
Registered Dietitian
Shani is a proud B.Sc Dietetics graduate from the University of Pretoria. Shani is determined to help clients reach their individual healthy lifestyle goals. She enjoys walking a path with each client and celebrating victories with them.

Lizzy Mokoena
Welcome to our practice! I am the friendly face at the front desk. I am happy to answer your questions, plan your appointments, help to resolve any concerns and make your visits positive. I have been working at Pretoria Dietitian since July, 2021.

Whether you need help with your nutritional needs or help managing minor and major medical issues, or a team to deal with something serious,
are able to assist you.

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