Redimed 911 is a leading pre-hospital risk management and emergency medical assistance provider.

We are a supplier of high standard
ground ambulance transportation in South Africa. 
Our Medical
Technicians are highly skilled and certified professionals with vast experience
in the health industry. 
We work closely with case managers , social workers, hospitals and family members to gain clear understanding of our patient’s needs and desires.

Redimed 911 is equipped with advanced equipment for optimal dispatching and quality communication with well-resourced medical team and ambulance fleet. We pride ourselves in providing in-house training on continuous basis to our paramedics and team members.

Our mission is to provide best health care services at an affordable rates. Saving lives by working closely with all health care professionals and families.

Redimed 911 EMS Services 

We are passionate about SAVING LIVES! By providing efficient, well rounded and medically sound service to our clients and communities.

Emergency Medical Services

Our dedicated case management team ensures that each case is pro – actively handled to facilitate and coordinate the care of the patient from the initial time of the request until the completion of the case. Our technicians are highly skilled and certified..

Motor Vehicle Accidents

We provide emergency medical assistance to all clients involved in motor vehicle accidents.

Occupational Health Services

Redimed Healthcare Provides Occupational Health Services for a vast amount of organizations within the private sector and government.

Primary House Calls

We offer primary house calls to all medical aid patients.

Please click on our website link above to view all emergency services and for more information.

Our Core Values

We at REDIMED911 are committed to giving you the care you need with the compassion desired. At all times we will ensure that we live up to our
core values which are:


We pride ourselves by providing prompt service to our customers.


We are committed to providing you with the best transparent and dependable customer service.


Our team will provide you with the best care, always!

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