Saligna Halfway House is a tranquil haven situated on the outskirts of the east of Pretoria, surrounded by beautiful Eucalyptus trees. It is managed by a non-profit company and aims to provide a stable environment for rehabilitated men to find their feet again. There is no time limit on the duration of their stay. We provide a residential centre that offers a transitional opportunity for men and women who want to return to society as healthy, law-abiding and productive members. Ample support and opportunity for self-development and renewal is provided.

Recovery Isn’t A Destination But A Journey

Symbolically, the Eucalyptus / Saligna tree represents strength, protection and survival. It is popular for its surviving ability. That is the motto of the house and we are here to help you to help yourself. This is an environment where recovering addicts are not alone and isolation is not an option during this period. Here new friendships and relationships are established with people who are on the same road to recovery as well as broken family relationships.

Our Services

Our Program Includes
1. Relapse prevention program e.g. emotions and mental issues.
2. Physical wellbeing will also be encouraged. Mind and body are equally important in total recovery.
3. Personal Finance Management – Residents will be encourage to budget for meals, purchasing of groceries.
4. Social Skills – residents will be preparing meals in groups together.
5. Basic Chores – allocated house chores will encourage them to be part of the community will teach them basic skills of life.
6. Random drug screening administered.
7. Daily group meetings
8. Church attendance
9. Life coaching sessions
10. Volunteer Psychologist for groups sessions occasionally.
11. Volunteer Pshyciatrist for groups sessions occasionally.

-Transitional Accommodation for successful reintegration

-Group Therapy

-Individual Therapy

-The 12 Steps Program (NA, AA, CA)

-Employment skills

Social Work Intervention
-Individual Development Plan (IDP)

-Personal Assessment (Meyers & Briggs)

-Life Skills

-Family Intervention Sessions

-Family Day Social Visits

-Personal Development Evaluations

-Professional Letters acquired; e.g. court cases, children visitations, etc.

Relapse Prevention Program / Support and linking to community resources
-NA Groups (Narcotics Anonymous)
-CA Groups (Cocaine Anonymous)
-Church attendance
-Church activities, e.g. Home Cell
-Medical assistance from Proffessionals as needed
-Psychologists evaluations (Outsourced)
-Psychiatric support (Outsourced)
Hospitalisation (Outsourced)
-Doctor visits (Outsourced)
-Dental visits (Outsourced)

DevelopMENTAL study material, e.g
-Boundaries – Dr Henry Cloud and Dr John Townsend
-Finishing Strong – Steve Farrar
-Switch on your brain – Dr Caroline Leaf
-Ordering your private world – Gordon McDonald
-Purpose driven life – Rick Warren
-Various other personal development tools.

The Environment

Saligna Halfway House offers an environment of structure and support to teach responsible living. Simple tasks can sometimes be the hardest for substance abusers . By being made accountable for tasks, responsibility and a sense of fulfillment instilled in residents. By performing basic chores, residents are taught how to look after themselves and their environment, e.g. kitchen duties, cooking and cleaning; etc.

Support Structure
It’s not always possible for family members to provide the support system needed for recovery, and Saligna Halfway House does not only offer a home with like-minded people who share and grow while recovering, it also provides professional services and support.


Admission Requirements

Completion of a primary care program at a rehabilitation center.

Comply with the guidelines of the house.

Maintaining sobriety while in SALIGNA HALFWAY house.

Signing of an indemnity letter.

Your stay with us will include: Free WI-FI , DSTV & NETFLIX, Swimming Pool, Braai Area, Gym, Random Drug Test, Library, Fire pit events such as praise & worship celebrations.

Affordable Rates

Different accommodation options available, e.g. dormitory and sharing rooms.

Fee structure: Starting from R6 500 per month with an incline in price dependant on room choice. A once off admission fee and medical deposit upon arrival.

Own bedding and towels required

We encourage good and healthy habits, physical fitness, spiritual / mental health and financial responsibility and accountabilty.
Saligna Halfway House accepts applicants after they have completed a rehabilitation program at a rehabilitation centre. We give the support and help needed to break bad habits that were formed during substance abuse. As important as it is to clear their bodies from drugs, it is just as important to get physically healthy and spiritually and mentally strong. This is how dignity and self-respect can be restored.

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