“Let Reflexology activate healing and food be your medicine”

Reflexology is ancient alternative medical practice that has been used in the Eastern world for many years and over time was introduced to the modern Western world. Its practice plays an essential role in activating the bodies healing abilities, toxin release and promoting an active, balanced system. A Reflexology practitioner will stimulate specific points, called reflex points on the face, hands or feet. these reflex points are linked to specific organs and their functions in the body. Meridian therapy is also activated during these treatments. Response to treatment differ from person to person, as each person is unique and should be viewed and treated as such. Common reactions that occur immediately after a treatment are pleasant, leaving you relaxed, energized, and rejuvenated. However, it is important to note that Reflexology activates the body’s healing power and there may be some unpleasant reactions which are inevitable as the body rids itself of toxins. A few of the natural side effects that may occur are headaches, emotional fluctuation, skin outbreaks and flare ups in gout or joint inflammation, only occurring for a brief time. These responses to the treatment are the routes in which the body will use to release toxins and break up stagnation from itself to activate its healing process. 

Benefits with Reflexology

Reflexology can assist and promote healing on a variety of issues, its ideal to:

– Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Mood swings

– Increase Energy levels and Boost physical performance (sport) 

– Activate body’s detox function,  Improve Digestive and Vital Organ functions

– Boosts immune system, improve circulation and lymphatic function

– Alleviates Migraines, Headaches and Relieve back pains

– Increases concentration, Focus, Memory and Promotes better Quality of Sleep 

– Assist with Hormonal Imbalances, Menstrual Disorders, Fertility issues and Reduces Acne formation

– Alleviate signs & symptoms of Chronic Conditions such as Diabetes, Cholesterol and High blood      pressure 

What can i expect from a Reflexology Treatment?

The first consultation is for a +- 90min duration. During which a comprehensive evaluation of physical, medical, psychological and lifestyle factors are done, followed up by a reflexology treatment. Lifestyle advise and recommendation is also given to assist the body’s healing abilities.


 Follow up consultation is for a 60min duration, during which the patient’s response to previous treatment will be evaluated & any additional lifestyle advise given. Followed by a Reflexology treatment

Lifestyle & Nutritional Services

Let us stop thinking and looking at food as something to fill that empty hole in our stomachs called hunger. Food is more than that and should be see as such, as food is the primary source that the body has, to fuel itself. As food is filled with all the minerals, vitamin and all nutritious goodies the body needs to function from a cellular level. Therefore, it is important to be conscious with what we put into our bodies. The goal is to give the body, the best possible resources that it will need to function at optimal level. 

Therapeutic Reflexology and Naturopathic Nutrition


A Naturopathic Practice is an approach to illness that uses natural remedies to assist the body to heal itself. It embraces many therapies including nutrition, therapeutic reflexology, counselling, stress management and lifestyle changes. 

The aim of naturopathic practice is to treat the body as a whole by working to heal the root causes of the illness – not just the symptoms. “Each person’s path towards health is Unique”

In my practice I utilize two holistic modalities: therapeutic reflexology and naturopathic nutrition. Two modalities that share the same aim, to find the root cause of die-ease and to treat the body as a whole by use of natural remedies and practices that assist the body’s healing ability. 

A combined treatment designed to assure the best results. Therapeutic reflexology assists in activating the body healing abilities Naturopathic nutrition supports the body healing ability

Alternative & Traditional Medicine

Most medicine today is focused on treating an individual; on superficial symptoms instead of addressing the underlying root cause of their disease. Remember that each individual being is a complex, coactive blend of body, mind and spirit. Traditional medicine has been around for thousands of years, being tried and tested – crafted in to gentle but powerful therapies that relies on diet (food as medicine), herbs, essential oils, reflexology, acupuncture, movement and meditation. Treatments that are designed to heal the body from a deep level, from the inside out as well as elevating the mind and body – making it become energetic, happy, robust, and engaged. 

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